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Letter to the Editor (of the Herald Advocate -- Wauchula newspaper):

Kentuckian Praises Wauchula and FINR

I came to Wauchula in March so that my husband could receive treatment at FINR for a traumatic brain injury. In just four short days, I made the decision to leave my home, family, friends, church and everything familiar to come to an area that was completely foreign to me. Until I came to Wauchula I thought Florida was Disney World and beaches. I now know that central Florida is much more -- a community of caring and friendly people. The people of Wauchula made me feel safe and welcomed. I was greeted with smiles; friendly greetings' and general kindness by everyone, especially Lucy Crawford, Jim and Linda See all the people at Java Cafe, and the members of First Baptist Church. You are all wonderful ambassadors for Hardee County, and you made a very difficult time much easier for a complete stranger. Additionally I wanted to express my admiration for all the people at FINR. They are remarkable, dedicated professionals who are offering an outstanding service. Wauchula should be very proud to have such a facility. Thank you, Hardee County.



To whom it may concern:
...I almost was giving up on hope and not sure what was my other options. Until one day I made this call to Brain and Spine Injury Center and it changed our lives. The brain and Spine Injury Center told me there was a place who specializes in Brain and Spine Injuries and they told me it was a place that can help my sons condition. And that gave me hope once again. Before, I finished the call I had the Representative from Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, already calling me on the other line. So I did take the chance and took a risk. Three days my son was transferred to Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation. Since, the transfer my son has improved tremendously, he has gain strength, weight, and has done things that were not to believe would happen so quickly. Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, is wonderful place to have your loved ones with such conditions. The staff at the F.I.N.R., are wonderful and take very well care of my son and other peoples needs. It is a shame that your facility Tampa General Hospital which everyone knows is suppose to be one of the best facilities does not recommend a wonderful place like F.I.N.R., this to families with this problem. My only regret is that I did not make that telephone call earlier. Now, my confidence is high and I have so much hope, that my son will be okay and he is in the best of hands with F.I.N.R., I will be a advocate for a family that is possibly going through the same difficulty. I thank you for your assistance on this matter and the care you provided to my son. Please inform people of this place. I have place a copy the the card so maybe you can possibly work with them.



Thank you for seeing us, even though we were three hours late. FINR is a beautiful facility with a wonderful staff. We were impressed with the cleanliness and up-keep of the buildings as well as the landscaping. We were impressed to note that the entire campus was directed to stimulate the residents in any way possible, taking advantage of a variety of trails and sporting events. We noticed the deer and farm animals in the fields, the many orchards along the drive way, the tranquil lake with the many Florida wadding birds, and we could go on. FINR should be proud of itself

The visit with you before seeing David helped to relieve us of the anxiety of the visit. We just didn't know what to expected since the last few phone calls with David were traumatic and unproductive. We wished for more time to discuss FINR's future plans for David, and also, what FINR thoughts on what would happen to David in the long term. Perhaps future visits with David and you will produce adequate time for all of us.

We found David to be very excited to see his father, and was pleased that David recognized him right off, even though David had to be prompted about Phil. David's speech was clear and understandable. What troubled us was David's constant repetition of "Take me home now!" and his thoughts that FINR was a punishment of some sort. David's attention was easily averted with other ideas, .but the diversions became more difficult to achieve as the visit progressed. David won a game of pool with Phil, but David refused to playa second game. David tried to show us around FINR, but he couldn't decide which direction to take after showing us his private room. We would suggest a direction, but David would always take us back to his room first. Without any prompting David did ask us if we would like a glass of ice tea to drink after he walked us to the lake, and then took us to the kitchen and poured the tea himself. That in its self is an improvement, because David has been remembering only of himself. The visit was had to be closed after thirty minutes, because David's attitude became more aggressive, and his speech became abusive and loud with "taking him home now". Steven, David's staffing friend, had to divert David's attention with bathing in order for us to leave.

The staff at Cedar Lodge was wonderful. Their presence was assuring that David and us would have a pleasant visit. Steven stayed in the background at all times, giving us and David our privacy to interact as family. David appeared to be enjoy having his friend around also, and would relax when prompted by Steven.

We look forward to the next visit with David and to continue to see his improvements.



It was so good to get the update on David from Shadow and FINR. We are physically so far away that the updates are extremely welcome.

Shadow, I am very impressed with the progress that David has made. It may seem small increments, but when one compares the increments with the steady and rapid decline that David experienced when he was transferred to the Group Home at Lakeview, it makes me realize that “small can be huge”. Truly, to know that David is off many of the medications, is able to talk and walk fairly well, does not need a nap mid-day, and is participating with others at times are real steps forward.

I understand that his behavior is a challenge, but the very idea that he can walk around campus freely with the staff and most important that he has seemingly bonded with Steven is fantastic. I was particularly pleased that he is able to sometimes leave campus which must be stimulating for him. Also there is some progress on the self-injurious behavior--to go from 6 incidents to 0 incidents in a month is progress.

Also, he is able to remember in his phone conversations with his Dad that he did work/help around the cabin. Tonight, he was doing his clothes! Never before did he do these duties. Such activities have to give him a sense of accomplishment. It is all good.

Of course, the attention he is given is awesome. David would never have made such progress without the one on one attention. You, the professionals, the staff and the one on one staff members are doing a terrific job. The family (and David too) thanks you.



I just finished reading the intensive and comprehensive Service Plan/ Assessment Report on David Stauffer. I cannot express to you how impressed I am with the amount of effort and professionalism manifested in the report and even more important the tremendous amount of caring for David that was evidenced throughout. It was not an arms length analysis but up front and personal. The care David is receiving is more than we could have possibly anticipated or even hoped for. His care is awesome. We are most grateful.

I know that David is benefiting with the one on one care and I feel certain that he will advance, maybe in small degrees, but advance nonetheless to being a more peaceful person through the structured program and his caretakers.

Also I thank you, Shadow, for giving us a personal update on David and for reporting the red mark incident to us. David's family is very sorry that David was part of the episode but certainly appreciates that FINR takes their policies seriously and acted responsibly. Nonetheless, it is a sad occurrence for all concerned.

Finally I thank Betsy for the time she took to help me with David's phone calls.

I have summarized both of your phone calls in the attachment because I wanted a written report for all the family to hear what I heard from Shadow and Betsy. Please forward the attached to Betsy, Shadow so she may view and if she so desires correct any errors or omissions to her phone call and that you may view and may want to do the same.



Nick and I both know how fortunate we are that he has had the opportunity to initiate rehab at FINR. We wholehardedly agree that without the exceptional resources of FINR, Nick may not have progressed as much as he has at this point. Of particular note, we would like you to know that we think the staff at FINR are the most professional people we have ever encountered in our careers. I want to convey my gratitude to you and the staff for including me and trusting me with Nicks care. And, words can’t express how very grateful we were for extending Nicks stay a few days. We believe that every bit of therapy Nick received at FINR was vital to his future recovery. Bless you.



It’s been a little more than a year since our daughter “Glorieanne” was discharged from FINR. We will always be greatful for all the care that you all have extended to her & our family. We do think highly of all of you. And this Thanksgiving Season when we think of the people who have been a blessings to us – you – the whole staff of FINR – are in our hearts.



I just wanted to write everyone there and give the proper thanks that they deserved. My mom, Pam, was there for several months in a coma. She passed away August 21, 2007. Losing her has been devastating for my family, but thanks to your facility- I have the ability to feel like we got her the best possible place that we could. The consideration and care that the entire staff showed for my mom was unbelievable. From her care worker, to the nurses, to therapists, aides, and anyone in between that I forgot to mention. My mom could not talk, and truly had very little communication, yet she was always treated with care and kindness that was too often not given to her before we got her there. When we came back to pick up her things, some of her nurses we crying along side with us. That touched my heart more than I could ever express. I am sure she is not the first death that ever occurred there, but her nurses and everyone who cared for her took her into their hearts and provided her with more than just care. I just wanted to let everyone there know that what they are doing is amazing, and noble. It is a hard job to have, and I want them all to know that the care they provided felt like a blessing to our family. I know my mom would have appreciated with all her heart. Again, from the bottom of my soul my whole family thanks you! Your facility is like a shining light in a mix of darkness and desperation. I feel that everyone there are straight from God's angels. Thank you so much for everything you gave us!



Words cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of you. As many of you know, my father, Joe Lindsey, was admitted to your facility last October for rehabilitation following a motor vehicle accident. Nothing of this magnitude had ever occurred in my immediate family and it was very stressful and difficult time.

Initially Dad's condition was extremely dire and we were concerned that he would never live a full and happy life again. Little did we know what effects your care would have on him!

Realizing today, a full year later, Dad is able to leave FINR and return home is nothing less than a miracle. While there were times he was extremely sick and incapacitated, he managed to pull through with loving care and perhaps a streak of stubbornness!

I can't begin to thank all of you personally for fear I'd forget someone! You know who you are. From those in Administration and Case Management who helped coordinate his care and looked after the insurance and administrative details; to those that cleaned and organized his room; to the CNAs that bathed and dressed him (and so much more); to the respiratory therapists that kept him breathing (an essential function to living!); to the physicians and nursing staff that kept him fed, hydrated, medicated, counseled, etc.; to the speech, physical and occupational therapists and assistants that helped him regain his basic abilities of walking, talking, eating, drinking, thinking etc.; to the social workers and Activities personnel that gave him counsel and skills for coping with daily life; to the kitchen staff who prepared his meals and brought him cereal and chocolate milk (once he was able to eat!); to the phone operators who tracked him down for family phone calls, I thank you. The list goes on and on. All of you were doing your job but you went above and beyond at times. All while sometimes being subjected to unpleasantries of character that can result with brain injuries (what a diplomatic way of putting it!).

On behalf of my family; my father, Joe, my mother, "Miss Mary," my brother, David, my husband, Andy, and my daughter, Lauren, as well as other family, friends, co-workers, and so many more whose lives have been touched by this event, I sincerely thank you and wish each and every one of you a happy, safe and blessed future.