Adult Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Program Overview

The Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, (FINR) has been the foundation of our continuum of care since its inception in 1992. FINR has developed a unique and specialized approach to evaluation and treatment of medically stable, Rancho los Amigo level IV and above survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI), neurologic injury, and neuropsychiatric disorders. The post-acute facilities located in Wauchula, Florida, are distinguished by unique treatment environments designed to meet the individual needs of clients served. Following acute hospitalization, each case poses countless questions to the survivor, family members and other concerned parties. To assist everyone involved, FINR has five distinct programs designed to meet your needs once the potential client has achieved medical stability.

Therapeutic intervention is coordinated with clients, family members, referral sources and payor sources. These interventions are initiated as early as possible following the clients’ injury to help them maximize their recovery. All concerned parties work together to establish measurable goals and objectives for each admission. Client services are delivered through an integrated Case Management system designed to keep all concerned parties aware of clinical, medical, and behavioral progress.

The life changing event of a neurologic injury impacts everyone. FINR is committed to providing families with education and training to better understand and cope with the consequences. In addition to family education and training, FINR assists in lessening the financial burden placed on family members by absorbing some of the costs associated with travel expenses, meals, and overnight accommodations.

Our Program has the expertise, resources, and experience required to accurately diagnose and treat the most complex manifestations of neurologic impairment and dual diagnoses.

Mission Statement

The Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, (FINR) is dedicated to excellence in the provision of rehabilitation, education and vocational services to survivors of brain injury.

Through the provision of individualized assessment, restorative service and foundational retraining in behavior, psych-social, cognitive, physical functioning, communication, daily living, education and vocational areas, FINR seeks to assist its clients in attaining their maximum level of functioning and quality of life in the most normalized and least restrictive environment.

FINR is also dedicated to promoting public awareness of the needs of survivors of brain injury and their families and enriching the knowledge base in the field of rehabilitation through education and training.

Core Values

FINR operates according to the following set of core values:

  • All clients should be given an opportunity for early intervention in medical rehabilitation.
  • All clients’ treatment goals are aimed at achieving the maximum level of functional independence in the least restrictive medical environment.
  • Provide all clinets and families with the opportunity to participate in family training and education.
  • FINR is committed to a rehabilitation continuum that ensures continuity of care.


The Joint Commission

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