Adult Post-Acute Rehabilitation Admission Criteria

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Survivors of traumatic brain injury or neurologic injury and individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders are referred on a national level. Individuals are qualified for admission individually on a clinical, medical and financial basis.

Family members and other concerned parties are encouraged to tour the program prior to admission in order to make informed placement decisions. FINR assists in lessening the financial burden placed on family members by absorbing some of the costs associated with travel expenses, meals, and overnight accommodations.

The Admissions Department is available to assist all concerned parties with any questions. For assistance in making a referral, please call (800-697-5390) and ask to speak to a Referral Coordinator. During non-business hours, please ask the operator to transfer you to the on-call Referral Coordinator.

Admission Criteria

Individuals who are most likely to benefit from the adult post-acute rehabilitation services of the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation

  • Neurologic dysfunction or neuropsychiatric disorder,
  • have achieved a stable level of medical recovery,
  • are age 18 or older,
  • are functioning at a cognitive level on the Ranchos Los Amigos Scale of 4 or above.