Adult Post-Acute Rehabilitation Program Description

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FINR has distinct clinical programs designed to meet the rehabilitation needs of clients

Forensic Evaluation

Designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation to assess the nature, extent, and etiology of a client’s deficits, estimate damages, analyze a client’s current functional status in relation to the pre-injury level of function and post-injury presentation and evaluate the potential for improvement.

Intensive Rehabilitation

The ultimate goal of the Intensive Rehabilitation Program is to provide the aggressive therapy needed to restore functioning to the highest possible level with reduced needs for support, supervision and assistance to enable re-integration into the home, work-place or community with as much functional independence as possible.

Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation

This program is designed to prepare the individual for entry into the Community Integration program where newly learned behaviors and self-control techniques can be generalized to community and vocational environments. Structure and safety are maintained through staff supervision rather than locked units, chemical restraint or mechanical restraint.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Offers vocational services throughout all programs including vocational evaluations, job seeking skills training, job placement, work adjustment, etc.  The goal is to return to work or other avocational activity.

Community Integration

A unique approach designed to provide post-acute rehabilitation and long-term support in the community.  This treatment alternative utilizes "real world" settings to teach and apply the skills needed to live and work successfully in the community.

Supported Independent Living

FINR offers an opportunity for individuals to receive long-term supported living in a dignified, community setting at a reasonable daily cost.  This program is designed to provide normalized community living and meaningful daily activities along with support and/or supervision to ensure safety and security.