Adult Post-Acute Community Integration Program

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A major obstacle to successful community integration for individuals with neurologic impairment is difficulty in transferring or generalizing skills learned in the typical rehabilitation treatment environment to that of the “real world.”  We have found that teaching, practice, and training is most effective when practiced under “real world” conditions and situations.

The Community Integration Program (CIP) at FINR offers a unique approach to brain injury rehabilitation with provisions for both growth and ultimate independence as well as mechanisms for continued support and supervision in the community.  This community alternative utilizes “real world” settings to teach and apply the skills needed to live and work successfully.

The overall goal of the Community Integration Program (CIP) is to provide active rehabilitation and ongoing support/assistance to persons with brain injuries in their home/apartment, workplace and the community.  This program is designed to teach the skills necessary for community living and to continuously apply these skills in the natural, “real world” environment where the program trainees will be expected to demonstrate the skills.

Specific goals often include the following:

  • To develop the skills needed for self-direction, self-management and self-advocacy.
  •  To assist each individual in developing individual community and social support systems.
  •  To assist each individual in their process of adjusting to life after sustaining a brain injury.
  •  To develop the skills needed to access the labor market or pursue avocational interests.
  •  To assist each individual in developing productive leisure and recreational activities.
  •  To develop and utilize appropriate prosocial skills for improved social interaction with others.
  •  To assist each individual with personal budget and money management.

Typically, individuals involved in the Community Integration Program (CIP) have experienced acute and perhaps post acute rehabilitation either at FINR or at some other program.  After an initial assessment to determine safety and other critical issues, individuals in the Community Integration Program (CIP) progress to the least restrictive living environment, whether in a residence with minimal supervision or an apartment in town.  Support and assistance are tailored to the individual’s need.

As indicated, the full array of skilled therapy and medical services available at FINR are available to individuals in this program.