Adult Post-Acute Rehabilitation Forensic Evaluation

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The Forensic Evaluation has been designed by our expert medical and clinical staff to provide a comprehensive evaluation to assess the nature, extent, and etiology of a client’s deficits, estimate damages, analyze a client’s current functional status in relation to the pre-injury level of function and post-injury presentation and evaluate the potential for improvement.

The Forensic Evaluation can be useful to:

  • Plaintiff attorneys who are trying to estimate damages.
  • Defense attorneys who must evaluate the extent of the claim and potential for improvement.
  • Workers Compensation and liability carriers who must assess the extent of a patient's disability and potential for improvement so that appropriate reserves can be established.

Objectives of the Forensic Evaluation are to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of pre-injury status.
  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of post injury function.
  • Identify all factors contributing to current presentation.
  • Make recommendations regarding further treatment, if indicated, that will improve function.

The Forensic Evaluation is particularly useful to:

  • Estimate damages.
  •  Prepare a comprehensive settlement demand.
  •  Clearly identify strengths and weaknesses in functional/real world settings.
  •  Comprehensively evaluate a claim and set reserves.
  •  Identify malingering or symptom magnification.
  •  Identify medical and rehabilitation treatment interventions that may maximize the patient's daily functioning.
  •  Document the level of support and supervision needed to ensure adequate function.

If you have a case that you feel is appropriate for the Forensic Evaluation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will provide a comprehensive review of medical records at no cost to you or your client.