Adult Post-Acute Vocational Rehabilitation Program

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For neurologically impaired persons, acquiring or re-entering and sustaining gainful employment can be quite difficult.  With, in most cases, an already diminished feeling of self-worth, inability to secure and maintain a job can cause demoralization and depression.  Consistent work is necessary to facilitate financial stability for sustained independent living.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Program provides individuals with neurologic impairment the skills and abilities necessary to evaluate themselves for a potential position and to sustain that position.  Participation in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program includes rehabilitation for functional improvement as well as training for necessary job skills.

Specific program components include:

  • Vocational Evaluation.  Used to assess functional abilities and vocational pursuit possibilities.
  • Pre-Vocational Training.  Improvement of functional skills as well as appropriate and accepted behavioral practices.
  • Job Placement in Occupational Work Trials.  Trial employment on-campus to provide a working assessment.
  • Job Coach Services.  Staff is provided to guide and direct the clients while in the work environment.
  • Adaptive Work Behavior Training.  On-the-job assessment with integration from all therapy areas.
  • Job Development/Exploration.  Research on possible employment opportunities related to a client’s functional abilities.
  • Job Seeking Skills Training.  Training to enable clients to independently find and apply for job vacancies.
  • Job Analysis.  Analysis of a specific job for appropriateness related to functional ability.
  • Working Community.  Legitimate employment at FINR or in the surrounding community.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Education.  Teaching focused on improving awareness of the abilities and limitations of brain injury on functional abilities.

On- and off-campus employment is available through the Vocational Rehabilitation Program dependent on functional ability and job readiness.