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3D Brain Model - Explore our interactive 3-dimensional brain atlas to discover where structures are located within the brain, their purpose, and explore brain injury models. All structures and models are accompanied by easy-to-understand detailed explanations.

It is our hope that this model assists to further the understanding of brain injury by those affected.

Find the FINR 3D Brain model application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad in the iTunes App Store.


Click here to launch the FINR Atlas of Brain Injury & Anatomy.




 Communicator Silver Award of Distinction

FINR Brain Atlas App is Awarded the 18th Annual Communicator - Silver Award of Distinction in the Health & Wellness Mobile Apps Category

Wauchula, Florida (May 30, 2012) – The FINR Brain Atlas iTunes app developed and distributed by the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation. (FINR) has been awarded the Communicator Silver Award of Distinction for mobile applications in the Health & Wellness category.  This distinguished competition is judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA).



  • I saw this app advertised in the AANN journal and had to check it out! I definitely thought it was a steal for $1.99! I work on a neuro floor and this will be a great tool for patient and family teaching, as well as a great refresher for me.  Thanks!
  • Recently, I began using an iPad 2 with the FINR Brain Atlas, an application from the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation. I am amazed at the detail and functionality that I was able to purchase for $2. It is also available for the iPhone. Information is organized around anatomy as well as around nine different types of common injuries. I found the artwork for diffuse axonal injury to be especially useful in explaining to clients how they can have problems with function that do not appear in traditional CAT scans or MRI scans. The Atlas provides a text narrative describing what is on the screen. I found this information to be accurate and helpful, written for most consumers.
  • I bought this program before it had any ratings and wow, I`m impressed by the level of detail, interaction, and ease of use. Great app for learning about the brain if you`re a student.
  • Extremely informative with the best rendering I've seen in any brain app.  Perfect for psych and neuro student and professionals
  • GREAT Program. Clear images, descriptive, interactive. Highly recommended. A++++. Great for everyone of all levels!!!