Prevention of Brain Injury

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Proper health habits

Proper health habits include exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Improving these will cause an increase in your overall health which will help decrease your chances of developing an acquired brain injury, and improve your ability to rehabilitate from a traumatic brain injury.

Medical Monitoring

If you have certain pre-existing risk factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or liver disease, regular medical check-ups are essential to protecting your brain health and decreasing your potential for injury.

Vehicle Safety

Using seat belts, following traffic rules, wearing helmets, and driving defensively are aspects of vehicle safety that will help protect from accidents that could result in traumatic brain injuries.

Safety in Sports

Contact sports will increase the danger of head trauma such as concussions. To help guard against repeated injury, wearing proper equipment is essential. Helmets can help protect from injury when impact is expected. Proper evaluation following an injury on the field is important to determine if there is a concussion or more serious damage.

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MARCH is brain injury awareness month.