Admissions Process

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What is the process?

  • An Intake & Referral form is completed to gather relevant information regarding the potential client, injury status, contacts, and funding source.
  • A Referral Coordinator is assigned from the Admissions Department as the primary contact throughout the referral and admissions process.
  • A pre-admission screening is scheduled without cost or obligation.
  • A Release of Information is obtained from the potential client or their legal guardian
  • Pre- and post-injury medical and other records are collected.
  • The pre-admission evaluation and available medical records are reviewed by the clinical neuropsychologist to determine medical/clinical program eligibility.
  • An Individualized Proposed Treatment Plan is developed which outlines the potential client’s goals and objectives for admission.
  • At the convenience of the concerned parties, a facility tour is scheduled which addresses the specific rehabilitation and care needs of the potential client. The touring party will have the opportunity to meet with and ask questions of clinical staff.
  • Letters of Medical Necessity are obtained from the client’s treating physicians.
  • The Proposed Treatment Plan is submitted for family review and approval, medical precertification, or other payor source review and approval as appropriate.

What to bring when admitting?

Suggested items to bring may to be found here.