Supported Independent Living

Program Overview

The Supported Independent Living (SIL) Programs of FINR and its affiliated community-based programs in Wauchula, Florida are dedicated to enriching the lives of persons with traumatic brain injuries, neurologic injuries, and neuropsychiatric disorders.  This is accomplished by providing normalized community living opportunities combined with meaningful, productive and therapeutic daily activities.

The goal of the SIL program is to provide each resident the opportunity to live in a community environment and to access vocational, educational and recreational opportunities in the community.  The SIL program provides the support, supervision and guidance to insure that each resident has the opportunity to experience the quality of life to which we all aspire - security, identity and community involvement, as well as meaningful vocational activities, recreation pursuits and social support.  The residents of the SIL program reside in comfortably furnished home settings in Wauchula, Florida.  This shared living arrangement provides opportunities for immediate and meaningful social relationships.   These opportunities provide for a greater sense of independence and identity for each resident.  Support and supervision are provided as needed, twenty-four hours per day.

As the leader in brain injury rehabilitation across the continuum, we offer multiple options to meet the needs of SIL program clients; from the structured programs on the main campus, community-based programs in the rural city of Wauchula, Florida providing access to all of the choices, challenges, and successes that come with an urban environment.

Mission Statement

The Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, (FINR) is dedicated to excellence in the provision of rehabilitation, education and vocational services to survivors of brain injury.

Through the provision of individualized assessment, restorative service and foundational retraining in behavior, psych-social, cognitive, physical functioning, communication, daily living, education and vocational areas, FINR seeks to assist its clients in attaining their maximum level of functioning and quality of life in the most normalized and least restrictive environment.

FINR is also dedicated to promoting public awareness of the needs of survivors of brain injury and their families and enriching the knowledge base in the field of rehabilitation through education and training.

Core Values

FINR operates according to the following set of core values:

  • All clients should be given an opportunity for early intervention in medical rehabilitation.
  • All clients’ treatment goals are aimed at achieving the maximum level of functional independence in the least restrictive medical environment.
  • Provide all clients and families with the opportunity to participate in family training and education.
  • FINR is committed to a rehabilitation continuum that ensures continuity of care.


The Joint Commission

  • Behavioral Health (Residential / Group Homes - Adult/Child/Youth)

CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities)

  • Brain Injury Long-Term Residential Services (Adults)
  • Brain Injury Residential Rehabilitation Programs (Adults & Pediatrics)